Meet your Effies

Meet your new Effies
‘The thrill of Dreamgirls is to experience the brilliance of the human voice. Effie White is arguably the biggest sing in musical theatre history, which is why we have cast three extraordinary vocalists to play this iconic role. Audiences experience goosebumps and tingles when they hear the fantastic songs in this show, sung by the very greatest singers on this planet, and each of these three actresses put goosebumps on top of goosebumps - London theatregoers are extremely lucky and privileged to have the chance to witness their rare and awe inspiring talents.’ Sonia Friedman, Producer

The regular performance schedule is below, however the producers cannot guarantee the appearance of any particular artist(s). This schedule is subject to change and may be affected by contracts, holiday, illness, or events beyond the producers’ control.

Monday 7.30pm / Marisha Wallace
Tuesday 7.30pm / Marisha Wallace
Wednesday 2.30pm / Moya Angela or Marisha Wallace
Wednesday 7.30pm / Moya Angela or Marisha Wallace
Thursday 7.30pm / Marisha Wallace
Friday 7.30pm / Moya Angela
Saturday 2.30pm / Karen Mav
Saturday 7.30pm / Marisha Wallace