Educational Workshops

Theatre Workout is developing two workshops for Dreamgirls, ideal for students of all ages and abilities. They both teach performance techniques while exploring the characters and themes within the production, telling the story of characters, songs, scenes and more.

For further information and to book, please visit the Theatre Workout website here.

Drama Workshop

Focused on the key themes in the show, such as friendship, ambition, and fighting adversity, this workshop follows the central story of Effie White. Students will explore a range of acting techniques as they create their own versions of characters in Effie’s world, and recreate her story in the studio. ​

This workshop covers acting, voice and speech, devising, character development, improvisation, solo and group work, teamwork, discussion and more. ​

Musical Theatre Workshop
Ideal for more advanced students, this workshop focuses on musical theatre performance with a focus on ‘acting through song’.

Students will explore songs from the show, such as I Am Changing and One Night Only, learning to analyse songs from an actor’s perspective, learning singing and acting techniques, before performing songs in character at the end of the workshop.​

Adult Group Workshops
A range of bespoke workshops are available for adult social and corporate clients, either as light-hearted pre-show activities, or as day-long team building events.

Photos of previous workshops.

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